Professional Interior Painting Services

When you choose our company, your interior painting project will run as smoothly and minimally disruptive as possible. Our painting professionals are tidy, respectful, and efficient. Our painters work hard to complete your painting project in a timely manner while providing a professional quality finished product that you can pride yourself on for the foreseeable future!

We don’t skimp out when it comes to quality and craftsmanship! – All while saving you money and peace of mind.

interior painting gainesville FL
interior painters gainesville FL

Fall in Love with Your Walls

Whether you need a room or two painted or your entire house, see to it the project gets done right by choosing an expert contractor like those at our company. Attention to detail is what separates us from other local Interior Painters, because we fully understand the importance of your home, so we’ll treat it as our own.

When you choose our services, you won’t have to concern yourself with the hassle of gathering and purchasing painting tools and supplies, renting the necessary equipment, purchasing paint, or wasting endless hours or days of your time preparing, painting, and cleaning. We’ll handle everything on your behalf, and not only that Our company will give you a professional quality paint job that you will show off to any house guests.

Add Value To Your Home

Improving the appraisal value of your home does not necessarily mean you must pay for a costly home remodel. An interior paint job produces clean looking rooms that really pave their own way in helping your home sell quicker and having potential buyers clamor over your home, putting you in a comfortable position for closing at the right price.

Compared to most other interior renovation projects, painting holds the great advantage of being minimally disruptive and quickly completed. We will finish your paint job rapidly and to the utmost perfection. Click the button below to receive your personalized quote now and increase the value of your home!

interior painting service gainesville FL
interior painting company gainesville FL

It’s All About The Prep Work

A correctly prepared surface is key to the lasting durability and quality of the painting service. Our company’s passion for complete preparation work is a huge part of what sets our company apart as industry leading professionals. To make sure your paint project is done right, the preparation process entails:

(1) Moving any furniture away from walls and into the center of the rooms.
(2) Moving wall hangings, window treatments, mirrors, area rugs, cover plates, and appliances.
(3) Using drop cloths, plastic, and tarps to protect your floors, windows, trim, carpet, fixtures, and furniture.
(4) Fixing blemishes, cracks and crevices, and nail holes in the substrate or drywall.
(5) Replacing or repairing drywall where necessary to fix dents, dings, and nail pops.
(6) Re-texturing or sanding patched areas to create a smooth blend to match the rest of your wall.

Finished Right, Finished Clean.

Our company’s interior painting service surely does not end when we compete the painting. Our painters will never leave your home a mess. Our company’s clean-up process entails:

(1) Disposing of any debris from your property.
(2) Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming all work areas.
(3) Re-installing wall plates and curtains.
(4) Moving furniture and other objects back to where they were before.

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